Car Detailing

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Getting your car professionally detailed isn’t simply a frivolous luxury. It’s a worthwhile investment for many reasons. Regular detailing is the best way to protect your vehicle from the elements and maintain its value.  There is also just something rewarding about driving a sparkling clean car as well.



     Protects Your Exterior


The exterior of your car takes on the elements day after day. Its clear coat acts as a protective barrier against UV rays, dust, dirt, and moisture. But over time, it can fade and crack without proper maintenance. Contaminants from the outside world can start to create problems such as water spots, oxidation, rust and pitting.  Regular exterior detailing can protect your clearcoat and extend its life. Today's Ceramic Coatings are better than ever and act as a protective barrier to better combat the elements. Hybrid Ceramic protection will make it harder for dirt and grime to collect on your car’s surface and provide an insane shine.  



           Keeps Your Car Sanitary 

Cleaning your vehicles interior is just as important as your exterior.  It's also crucial to protect your interior trim, leather and fabric from harmful UV rays that can potentially dry out and fade.  Did you know that only ⅓ of drivers clean the inside of their car on a yearly basis. This can lead to extremely unsanitary conditions.   Detailing goes beyond a simple surface clean. From high-touch surfaces such as your steering wheel to the sticky cup holders in your back seat,  your detailer will leave no germ unaccounted for.   You'll also love the feeling of  getting into your clean vehicle everyday.



Higher Resale Value 

It’s no secret that your car depreciates in value with every year you own it. Neglecting to properly clean it will only drop its value faster. Detailing is a great way to assure your asset remains as valuable as possible. Even if you don’t plan on selling any time soon, today's Ceramic Coating will protect your vehicle’s exterior so it can maintain a beautiful appearance for when you do. A well-maintained interior can also score you a higher resale value when you do decide to upgrade.




                                How Often Should I Detail My Car?

This answer will ultimately come down to personal preference. We recommend getting your vehicle detailed every 4 to 6 months. But you may need to come in more or less depending on how often you use your car and what you use it for.   A good visual inspection will tell you what you need to know.  Can you see yourself in the paint?  Is the water beading nicely on your hood?    Does the paint on your vehicle have scratches?  Are there crumbs caked into your cup holders?  How do your carpet seats look?  And don't ignore the all important smell test.